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Never Leave a Wounded Comrade Behind

There are those in our society who have experienced great trauma, great wounding, and loss. Unless they have experienced the healing of God, they are the walking wounded– crying out silently in their hearts for relief.

I think of them as wounded soldiers in the battlefield of life–surrounded by enemies who are looking to steal, enslave, and destroy. Drugs, alcohol, immoral-living, separation, and over-indulgence are some of the names of the enemies after them.

They offer the wounded soldier temporary relief from pain and rejection, but in the end they aim to rob, enslave and destroy.

To those wounded soldiers we cry out warnings for them to avoid the traps of the enemies. Yet do we ever neglect these peoples’ need to experience relief from the emotional and physical pain they are experiencing?

Have we neglected to give a warm hug and smile, acceptance, and loving compassion?

Have we torn down and neglected to build up? Do we remind them who they were instead of who they are by faith? Have we cleaned the house, but neglected to encourage and prayer that our friend or relative be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Is it possible that in zeal to shake the wounded into reality we have shut them out?

Not every wound will heal as fast as a paper cut. Should we heap a load of guilt and shame on our brother or sister because their healing–whether physical, emotional, or psychological isn’t instant, but progressive?

Have we treated the pain, strain, and weariness others are experiencing as insignificant and unimportant?

Do we invalidate and minimize their pain through comparisons to what we have gone through?

Never leave a void unfilled or a wounded soldier behind for the enemy to pick off and enslave. It doesn’t take much to make a positive difference in the life of others.

Eyes of understanding, love, and compassion speaks volumes.

Spending quality time can minister more about worth and security than shelling out hundred dollar bills.

A word that states, “I believe in you” and a smile of unconditional acceptance can mean the difference between a person continuing or quitting.

Hugs, words of reassurance and appreciation minister to those places of the heart that a multitude of stern words may never access.

Heart expressed words that say, “I always love you” can rip down walls no army can penetrate.

Tears of compassion sooth even the most wounded of hearts like no man made medicine ever can.

Blessing others by decreeing their present and future successes is like wind to their wings.

Earnest prayer is man’s best access to a God who can do anything.

Never ever leave a wounded comrade behind. Carry Him on your shoulders if you must.

Don’t count the miles you must travel to get him or her to safety.

Just know it will be well worth it in the end.

This Christmas season throw disappointments in others out the door. Fill not just the empty places under the Christmas tree, but those empty places in the hearts of those needing reassurance, comfort, a sense of inclusion, value and support.

Reassure others of the hope and promises that is theirs in Christ.

Experience the greatest joy of Christmas by giving and believing in a great and glorious God who sent His son into the world that we might have life more abundantly.

– Bruce Koch

Published 2012 by Gospel Tramway, Georgetown, TX
Copyright © 2012, Bruce Koch. All rights reserved.

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Bruce Koch is president of Gospel Tramway. He is an author, intercessor, chaplain, pastor, teacher and preacher of God’s word. He resides in San Marcos, Texas with his wife Sherry and son Ethan.

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